Children Inclusive Workshops

Adapted Yoga


Group yoga sessions adapted to the physical needs of children with the aim of working on relaxation, breathing, meditation and body awareness.


Music therapy


To acquire the many benefits of music such as rhythm, concentration and mathematics. This therapy promotes and facilitates expression, learning, communication, movement, etc.

Art therapy


A group activity that has the objective of making the minor express himself, feel and understand what he draws to get to know himself better and seek his own emotional and personal balance.

Cooking and Nutrition


Through group activities where they manipulate and learn about the nutrients in food, children are taught to know how to choose and enjoy the foods that their bodies really need. Through food, a very complete sensory stimulation task can be carried out due to the smell, color, flavor and texture of the food with which you are working.

Ecological garden


Children participate in the cultivation and maintenance of the organic vegetable garden in the garden of Casa Ángeles. An activity that improves the physical, mental and emotional health of minors by working on aspects such as stress, anxiety and integration with the natural environment.



Planning of sports activities for the minors of Casa Ángeles where they promote healthy lifestyle habits and inclusive sports children with or without functional diversity, learning values ​​of integration and respect.

Educational reinforcement


Pedagogical activities and school support for children affected or not by a disability, with the aim of contributing to improvements in their school performance.

Other recreational workshops


Any other type of workshop with which families can have fun and learn together, in addition to sharing space and experiences between children with special needs and without special needs to promote inclusion.

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