Therapies and Social Health Program

Casa Ángeles makes a comprehensive care program available to all families where an assessment of needs is carried out and, jointly, the entire therapeutic team works to cover those needs and plan common objectives that seek to achieve greater autonomy for children and young people.

Respiratory physiotherapy


This therapy is carried out in the Copper Room, an innovative room (unique in Spain) due to the use of copper as an antibacterial material that prevents the transmission of viral infections.



Therapeutic activities in the water that allow muscles to relax, improve balance and stability.

Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy consists of promoting the child’s development by identifying the strengths and challenges in their daily participation: in dressing, feeding, bathing… etc. At Casa Ángeles this discipline is conducted through different techniques such as the Perfetti Method or Sensory Integration.

Neurological Physiotherapy


Intended for any child whose motor functions are affected either by disease or injury to the nervous system.

Speech therapy


To prevent, evaluate and intervene therapeutically in all disorders that affect voice, speech, language and swallowing, seeking to improve communication and nutrition in all its aspects.

Sanitary Social Work


Social care for families in which to offer support in all social problems associated with health processes and in the search for a better quality of life.

Educational and Health Psychology for Children and Families


For children, aspects such as cognitive stimulation, promotion of autonomy, handling of daily life situations, behavior, etc. are worked on.

For families, aspects such as acceptance of the specific needs of their children, adjusting the expectations they may have, situations of stress, mourning, conflicts that may arise with the couple, extended family or their social network are worked on.

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