Workshops and Activities for Adults, Parents and Family

Therapeutic Support Groups


With which to share experiences and acquire new tools to face the most complex situations of the families’ day-to-day.

Family respite


We seek to strategically coordinate the activities of children so that families have a few hours a week to relax and take advantage of the time for other daily activities.

Leisure Workshops


Practical thematic workshops in which adults can disconnect, learn about different techniques, inspire their creativity and have a fun time while socializing with other adults.

Wellness Workshops


(Yoga, meditation, pilates, mindfulness…): Group sessions where breathing exercises, body warm-up and stretching, relaxation and mindfulness are practiced, giving tools to find moments of relaxation in everyday life, showing and highlighting the importance of self-care and the search for personal well-being.

Siblings’ workshops


Training sessions for families where the needs of the siblings are analyzed, family communication is encouraged, techniques are taught to practice correct emotional management, self-esteem and self-confidence are worked on, etc.


Workshops to Increase Skills


Practical workshops, and small groups, of any discipline that are interesting to learn about such as child nutrition, physical care for transfers and postural changes, care in crisis situations due to epilepsy, positive parenting, etc.

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