Amig@s de Casa Ángeles

Become a Member and Amig@ of Casa Ángeles

Fill in the following form if you want to become a Member and Amig@ of Casa Ángeles through credit card and Paypal. 

Or you can also become a Member and Amig@ of Casa Ángeles by direct debit by filling out the following form.

SEPA Direct Debit Mandate

**The requested data is necessary to make the donation certificate in order to claim the tax relief. 

Do you want to collaborate with Casa Ángeles and be part of our supportive community of Amig@s?

We have created the Amig@s de Casa Ángeles program for you and people like you, committed to our society and to the Casa Ángeles Project based on the awareness, normalization and sensitization of society towards people with special needs.

We work as a team with you to promote social inclusion and educate in values ​​from childhood.

We want to thank you for your commitment to our project because thanks to your donations we can continue our work offering more workshops, more family programs and more educational and training projects to promote inclusion.

How do we want to thank you?

All the Friends of Casa Ángeles have access to discounts and extra services within this supportive community that we are forming, with restaurants, cafeterias, sports clubs, shops, clinics, beauty salons, leisure centers… an endless number of companies who are joining us to offer us support and to further encourage your collaboration. 

How does it work?

All people who donate a minimum amount of €10 per month or €120 per year will receive a card with a QR with which they can identify themselves as Amig@s de Casa Ángeles in all the companies attached to the program and thus be able to benefit from the discounts and extras offered by the establishment. 

We remind you that in order to participate in the Amig@s de Casa Ángeles program, the minimum donation amount is €10 per month or €120 per year (you can always collaborate with a higher donation). 



How many people can benefit from my Amig@ card?

The family unit that has been registered is not transferable as they are nominative.

How does the establishment know if my card is active or not?

The QR of each Amig@ takes them to a system in which it says if the person is active or inactive within the program. 

How do I know which companies collaborate with the program?

We have created a special section on our website with the list of all collaborating companies, the services they offer to Amig@s and their information.  


I have a company and I would like to be part of the program. How do I sign up?

Get in touch with us through

Can I ask the restaurant, store or establishment that I visit frequently if they want to join the program and thus receive discounts as a user?
Of course! We want this community to grow and for all of us to benefit from it. Share this information with them or give them our email and let them contact us.

In addition, being a friend of Casa Ángeles entails tax benefits that allow you to recover up to 80% for your donations.


The first €150 that you contribute will deduct 80% and from €150 you will deduct 35%. In addition, if you have been helping children with the GLOBAL GIFT FOUNDATION for more than 3 years, your deduction in this last section increases up to 40%.

Deducción fiscal
Deducción fiscal