Rooms and Spaces

Inside Casa Ángeles we find several spaces in which to develop the different therapies and activities.

The centralization of all these activities in the same space greatly facilitates the family organization of children with special needs and allows better coordination between professionals, substantially improving the development of children, their well-being and their families’.

Family Room / Reception

An open space designed to provide physical and mental comfort for families during the waiting time. It is also contemplated as a meeting area for adults, including large and comfortable sofas, a free cafeteria area for users and equipped with playful material and furniture specially designed for children.

Respiratory Physiotherapy Unit

Unit specially designed for those affected by Cystic Fibrosis that has independent access, its own reception and 2 physiotherapy rooms covered with copper panels, antibacterial material, to avoid the high percentage of infections among those affected.

Physiotherapy Room

More than 25 square meters with the necessary material and equipment to carry out the treatments of different specialties of physiotherapy.


Sensory Stimulation Room / Occupational Therapy

Room with specific equipment to treat through the Perfetti Method or sensory integration, the only one in the city of Marbella where this specialty can be developed.


Speech therapy room / Gesell Chamber

Room equipped with the technology to be able to visualize and connect, through vision and audio, with the different therapeutic rooms and to be able to train both parents and professionals on the different techniques applied to children during work sessions.

Psychology Room

Designed to offer a feeling of comfort and confidence with the necessary material to treat patients.


Adapted for wheelchair access and with all the material to carry out cooking and nutrition workshops for both adults and children.

Art Room / Multipurpose

Versatile room with built-in bathroom to host robotics workshops, art therapy, library, crafts, music therapy, group activities…


All the bathrooms at Casa Ángeles are adapted and specifically designed for the area where they are located (shower, stretcher, adapted seats…).

Swimming Pool and Changing Rooms

Adapted therapeutic pool. Currently in the city of Marbella, no care center for minors with any impairment has a pool with these characteristics available, so it is the only one that families can access to receive this type of therapy.

Paddle Rennis Court

Court specially designed to play paddle tennis and in turn is designed to host different sports activities.


Area enabled for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables that is renewed depending on the season and that is maintained and cultivated by the children of Casa Ángeles.


Composed of 2 offices (Management and Social Work) and a meeting room.


It is made up of different spaces to be able to carry out outdoor activities and stimulate children on a physical and sensory level through textures, smells and colors.

Terraces and Porches

Spaces designed to be able to carry out activities and workshops in the open air allowing greater movement and spatial sensation.

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